Connector Plate Packaging

  • At MiTek, when it comes to packaging, we have more options than any other plate supplier.   From banded to tumble pack we have the options.  Options that can save you money and add to your bottom line.

    Our unique banded pack has10 sets of 2 nested plates for a total of 20 plates per banded pack. Banded plates mean quicker pick time which reduces set up time on your tables.

    Banding plates in convenient stacks of 20 greatly increase productivity.  Counting individual plates during picking is eliminated, and set up at the table is faster.  Clean up is also made easier and quicker because of the reduced cardboard in our packaging.

    Along with the banded packs MiTek also tumble packs connector plates.  This package allows for smaller boxes which can be stored near or under the table.

    MiTek connector plates not only provide you with some of the highest values available for connector plates but they offer you more packaging options than any other plate supplier.

    When you want quality and choices in your connector plate MiTek is the supplier to turn to.