• MiTek's Engineering Services lead the industry in credibility, speed, accuracy and efficiency.
    With Professional Engineers licensed in all of Canada and the US states, MiTek has strategically located its engineering offices to provide expertise in reviewing the designs of component manufacturers across North America. By utilizing the speed of the Internet and state of the art workflow and electronic imaging technology, we have created instant linkage with our customers' engineering and design departments.

    In jurisdictions where permitted, customers of MiTek's engineering services may use the browser-based MiTek Link program, and have their truss designs reviewed and returned electronically via the Internet. We also offer these in a secure Adobe PDF format, allowing you to download sealed truss designs quickly and efficiently.

    Builders, building inspectors and designers across North America all benefit from the responsible and efficient review services of the industry leader.


    Engineering Department
        Mission Statement

      Our mission is to provide fast, accurate and economical engineering solutions to ensure a successful partnership with our customers and enhance their performance.