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  • Hello and welcome to the MiTek Canada Training Webpage. On this webpage you will find various training presentations as well as a link to access our interactive training. First, what is the MiTek Interactive Training? This training is powered by WebEx, which establishes a direct connection between MiTek and MiTek customers (i.e. your personal work station). During an interactive training session, the MiTek trainer logs on to the WebEx as the “HOST” while the customer (having the required user name and password) logs on as “ATTENDEE”. The interactive training offered by MiTek is comprised of both visual and audio feeds allowing the customer to see the presentation, hear the trainer, and potentially ask questions live. All presentations given through the interactive training are then uploaded to this webpage for future referral. Other presentations are also posted on this webpage, including presentations given at seminars and others we deem important. All presentations are created to fill customer training needs, so feel free to send us an e-mail with potential subjects of discussion. A week or so before each interactive training session, you will receive an e-mail letting you know that a session is planned and the subject(s) that will be covered.

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