• MITEK® MVP™provides a bird’s-eye view of all the production activities going on in the plant—for roof and floor trusses. The manager not only sees the jobs, but can schedule and manage the process for all of them right from their desk.

    MVP automatically routes production and delivery batches to the correct station. It manages and tracks the work in real-time via color-coding which indicates the status of every piece.

    MiTek MVP uses Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ on the plant floor to guarantee “zero data loss” in the event of a computer failure. Using the mouse or touch screen, machine operators manage their own work centers. The built-in job tracker keeps track of everything in real-time.

    Software technology has come to the plant

    See how easy it is to use MVP here!

    MVP Truss

    Color-coded to indicate when a piece isn't cut, the table operator has everything needed

    when he needs it - - all without paper.

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