MiTek® Machinery

  • Creating the Advantage. NOW!

    As you review the other machines available, we firmly believe that MiTek® Machinery is the best purchase that you can make for the short-term or many years into the future. The MiTek Machinery Division is constantly working to "create the advantage" for all of our customers. Here are some ways that we create the advantage every day. ECBuilding  

    First, MiTek machines are the most productive machines in the industry. From the industry stalwart Cyber®A/T component saw to the maximum truss assembly performance of the RoofGlider® trackless roof gantry system with slotted-top tables and the Virtek® laser system, MiTek has a full line of machinery designed for the most important thing in a truss plant: productivity. With the addition of the Tee-Lok® line of equipment in 2002, there are more choices available for truss plants. MiTek Machinery Division has the most comprehensive product line to meet the needs of the truss industry. MacHome_welder

    Next, the MiTek Machinery Division has extensive truss industry experience. There are over 400 years of truss machinery experience in our manufacturing and engineering departments. This experience allows us to design and build superior, high-quality, durable, and productive machines. There are also over 225 years of extensive truss industry experience in our sales and customer service departments. Our professional customer service staff is able to assist with almost any truss machine, whether it is a MiTek machine, or another brand. You will be hard-pressed to find this level of experience with any other truss machinery manufacturer. ECBuilding
    Lastly, we are always evaluating new technology for use within the truss industry. The truss industry has changed dramatically in the past ten years with the introduction and acceptance of the computerized component cutting saws, slotted-top table surfaces, laser projection systems, and trackless roller gantry systems, all pioneered by MiTek. With the recent introductions of the Cyber A/T, MiTek has improved existing technologies. Our engineering department is constantly working with truss fabricators to develop the next great idea for the truss industry. CyberScreen_large

    The MiTek Machinery Division is always evaluating how to add more value to our machinery and to improve your productivity. We truly believe that we are "creating the advantage...why settle for less?"