Horizontal Stacker

  • The Horizontal Stacker evolved from a long line of material handling equipment developed just for the truss fabricating industry. Our Horizontal Stacker stacks trusses horizontally (flat), reducing truss handling and minimizing the possibility of damage to the trusses. It stacks all truss configurations, including scissor trusses, on both sides of the exit conveyor, with a 35-second cycle time. You can choose between the two-transporter (two stacking zones) or the four-transporter (four stacking zones).

    The Horizontal Stacker's heavy-duty construction and compatibility with existing conveyor systems make it an ideal
    choice for post-fabrication handling. It also reduces the risk of injury commonly found in banding and manual stacking procedures.  Reliable hydraulic operation with a built-in heater makes this different from other stackers! And a remote radio transmitter allows the operator to carry the control station throughout the plant and lumber yard to give the operator more flexibility and efficiency.