• The MiTek2020 "Perfect Vision" ® Software Suite allows you to take a job through the entire design process, from walls to engineered trusses. In addition, we offer software that handles your cutting, jigging, and business issues, all integrated for a total software solution.

    MiTek 2020 "Perfect Vision" ®eFrame Desktop

    The MiTek eFrame Desktop for truss Layouts offers a simple, powerful way to design roof and floor truss framing plans. Fully integrated with MiTek 2020 Engineering, accurate truss profiles are automatically converted into engineered trusses, behind the scenes. Using state-of-the-art graphics, you can take a virtual walkthrough into the structure to view problems BEFORE they are built.

    Eframe Desktop

    MiTek 2020 "Perfect Vision" ®  Engineering

    The MiTek 2020 Engineering program is a native Microsoft® Windows® application since its inception in 1991. This flagship MiTek application analyzes trusses imported from eFrame Layout or created from scratch, offers a variety of sophisticated loading options, and supports most major building codes. Powerful features like Versatruss and Profile allow you to create and edit the most complex trusses in a few clicks. 


    MiTek 2020 "Perfect Vision" ®  CyberSort

    The CyberSort program automates your cutting with flexibility and complete customization. Set up "sorts" that contain the elements you want the program to consider first, and receive cutting lists that reflect the way you work in the shop.


    MiTek 2020 "Perfect Vision" ®Jigset

    MiTek 20/20 Jigset extends the convenience and flexibility of CyberSort onto your production tables. Within Jigset, you can set up tables identical to the ones on your shop floor, and set them up for jigging virtually before the members are ready for cutting!  In addition, Jigset offers a Stacking Bed feature, which allows you to set up truck beds, or other locations where trusses will be stacked.


    MiTek 2020 "Perfect Vision" ®Job Summary

    The Job Summary program makes pricing and quoting jobs fast and easy, with its Quotation Editor. Create a Material Summary with one click, and print reports quickly and efficiently

    Job Summary

    MiTek 2020 "Perfect Vision" ®  Business Application

    The MiTek Business Application (MBA™) allows you to track a job through the entire production process, from assigning numbers for quotes and jobs to tracking production and delivery. You can track information by customer, salesman, sales area, or a variety of other data. MBA also has over 70 system reports and unlimited custom reports to make your reporting as complete as you like. MBA is a powerful, flexible application that allows you to take control of your business like never before.

    Business Application