OnLine Plus

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    OnLine Plus™

    Taking "point and click" to a new level, OnLine Plus is designed exclusively for the truss fabricator.  This 32-bit application takes full advantage of the Windows® interface to make the truss design and engineering faster and easier than ever before.


    Fast and Easy
    OnLine Plus™ is loaded with features to make your job as simple as possible.  Job Manager™ follows every detail of truss fabrication from beginning to end.  Along with reading existing patterns and sets, OnLine Plus™ also includes 72 distinct, automatic truss sets with virtually limitless customization options.  The New Truss Assistant™ and Loading Wizard™ make engineering easy by guiding you step by step through the design process, with user-defined modifications on the fly.

    CAD Enhancements
    To meet our customers' requests for more CAD capabilities, OnLine Plus  incorporates levels, user-defined dimensions, custom text insertion, and auto-labeling of all trusses.  The program also allows you to add your own patterns to the standard truss library, as well as additional truss sets to the standard layout library.