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    MiTek is committed to delivering software in short iteration cycles which provide the best
    means to deliver new features quickly, while maintaining the highest software quality.

    This page contains the latest MiTek software versions available,
    along with the release dates of each program.



    MiTek Software Suite
    Version 7.2.4
    Dated: June 29, 2010

             The MiTek Standard Suite of Component Design Software Contains the following:

            1) MiTek Engineering - Version 7.2.4 - Dated: 06/29/10
            2) SAPPHIRE Structure - Version - Dated: 08/26/10
            3) MiTek eFrame Desktop - Version 2.29.2 - Dated: 11/24/09
            4) MiTek MBA and Job Summary - Version 7.2.4 - Dated: 06/18/10
            5) MiTek CyberSort - Build 7240 Dated: 06/18/10
            6) MiTek JigSet - Version 7.2.3 Dated: 02/08/10
            7) MiTek Link (Communications Software) - Browser based

            Note: All software is now shipped on DVD Media, a DVD ROM Drive is required for installation.
           Release Notes for MiTek Engineering, MBA, and CyberSort
           Version 7.2.4 Release Notes
           Version 7.2.3 Release Notes       
           Version 7.2.2 Release Notes
           Version 7.2.1 Release Notes

           Release Notes for SAPPHIRE Structure
           Version 7.2.3 New Features

           Version 7.2.3 Enhancements and Defects Fixed