• The MiTek2020 "Perfect Vision" ®  Software Suite allows you to take a job through the entire design process, from walls to engineered trusses. In addition, we offer software that handles your cutting, jigging, and business issues, all integrated for a total software solution.

    MiTek 2020 "Perfect Vision"  Engineering

    The Engineering program analyzes trusses imported from Layout or created from scratch, offers a variety of loading options, and supports most major building codes. Powerful features like Versatruss and Profile allow you to create and edit the most complex trusses in a few clicks.  MiTek engineering is tightly integrated with the MiTek eFrame® design program as well as our new Sapphire®.


    Notable Strengths

    • Native Windows application since 1991
    • Easiest program to learn in the industry
    • Flexible cutting engine called “Versatruss”
    • Cutting and Engineering are created simultaneously
    • Multiple forms of input
    • Totally driven by eFrame or Sapphire
    • Shape input (roofs)
    • Detail input (floors)
    • Profile input
    • Versatuss input
    • Automatic load case generator
    • Extensive material inventories with multiple material groups and costs
    • Quick tools for easy modifications
    • Powerful floor truss design “built-in”
    • Stacked and scabbed members
    • Plate Editor
    • Automatic Hanger Design and editor
    • Automatic Bracing design (Including T-Bracing)