SAPPHIRE Management

  • Release Date: 2011

    SAPPHIRE™ Management provides comprehensive control over your operation through rich graphic interfaces that are powerful, yet intuitive. Create your own dashboard view: a “My Assignments” gadget for quick access to the jobs currently assigned; a list of open quotes, orders, or jobs that are delivered and not invoiced – you can even create graphs that chart the overall progress of the company. Managers at every level will appreciate the tools provided in the SAPPHIRE Management  module.


    • User specific “Dashboard” provides each user a “window” into the management world.

    • Project-based job management system handles large and small jobs.

    • Powerful invoicing system allows jobs to be partially invoiced.

    • Scheduling system allows creation and management of multiple scheduling calendars.

    • Manage multiple facilities within the same management system.

    SAPPHIRE™ Management enables the creation and management of one or more facilities within a single database, also allowing reporting and scheduling across production lines or facilities.

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    See what is happening in the entire company by creating a dashboard gadget that shows current progress information for all of the facilities.