SAPPHIRE Materials

  • Release Date: September 2010

    The SAPPHIRE Materials module allows the user to create and manage an extensive list of User Defined Materials. These include materials with specific geometric properties that can be directly used within the 3D model, along with additional materials that may need to be managed within the system. SAPPHIRE Materials creates the material category and defines the properties that are appropriate for the material. These items are then available for use within the entire suite.


    • Complete materials management capabilities within a single application.

    • Extensive material list setup and management.

    • Robust material costing for all inventoried material including cost effective dates.

    • Create and manage an extensive user defined material list.

    • All materials needed to operate a facility can be managed within a single material management system.

    SAPPHIRE Materials provides a robust material list system that allows creation of material lists to support the “whole house” design.

    Set up multiple cost groups to support the specific business needs. Each cost group can have multiple effective dates. The system will use the current effective date. This allows changes to prices without losing the history.

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    Allows specific material lists for beams, walls, trusses and all aspects of the structure.