• Release Date: September 2010

    The SAPPHIRE Portal lets you manage file sharing with your customers in a powerful new way, increasing communication efficiency and building true collaboration. Customer sites can be individually branded, and they’re all hosted by MiTek – eliminating your need to commit valuable in-house IT resources.


    • Document Management
      • Organize incoming and outgoing documents by categories you define, such as by customer or by department.
      • Provides 24/7 access to documents.
    • Process Workflow
      • Customizable workflows reinforce your business process to ensure that files and documents flow to the right people for approval.
      • Automatic email notifications can be generated through the system.
    • Version Control
      • Automatically keeps track of new versions of files.
      • Tracks history of versions.
      • Enables Tiered Permissions.
      • Controls access to folders or files for individual users or user groups.

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