SAPPHIRE Production

  • Release Date: 2011

    SAPPHIRE™ Production provides a bird’s eye view of all the production activities going on in the plant—for roof and floor trusses. The manager not only sees his jobs, but can also schedule and manage the process for all of them right from his desk.

    The software coordinates the scheduling of production groups, the creation of cutting batches, and scheduling of lumber and plate picking lists. It manages and tracks shop floor activities in real-time via color-coding, which indicates the status of every piece. 

    The use of Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ on the plant floor ensures “zero data loss” in the event of a computer failure. Using the mouse or touch screen, machine operators manage their own work centers. The built-in job tracker monitors everything in real-time. With this powerful module, software technology has fully arrived in the plant.


    -  Client/server application for roof and floor trusses.  
    Creates files for computerized saw, laser projection, and automated puck setting machinery.  
    Fully integrated with MiTek engineering software.  
    Optimal factory management – with real time updates.  
    Total visibility of the plant at all times.
    Dramatically reduces paper use.
    Eliminates lost data  Color-coded images indicate when a piece isn’t cut, so the table operator has vital information when he needs it, all without paper.    
    -  Helps manage your employees, labor, and materials costs.
    -  When used in conjunction with MiTek MBA™ or SAPPHIRE Management, actual manufacturing costs can be compared to your estimates.

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      SAPPHIRE Production manages all aspects of cutting for both automated and manual saws.