SAPPHIRE Structure and Pro

  • SAPPHIRE Structure™ & Structure Pro with Panel™

    Structure Basic and Structure Pro to be released April 2010.
    Structure w/EWP to be released September 2010.

    SAPPHIRE Structure™
    The SAPPHIRE Structure application is based on our tried and proven application, TrussFramer™, but now retooled with even more powerful structural modeling, editing, and estimating functionality:


    Formula Builder
    This feature enables customized formulas to be created and stored. Formulas can be grouped into sets, then schemed and applied to the job or individually to selected objects inside the estimating screen. Users can easily create estimates by applying formulas to modeled objects. Formula Builder also provides the ability to select objects for an estimate directly from plan view during estimate creation.

    • Store formulas and apply them to objects in the Estimating dialog
    • Customize formulas

    Options Management
    Create and customize your plan options directly from within a single job file. The system allows all member types to be included in your options, from accessories to walls. Utilize option customization, such as special junction considerations for site-specific creation.

    • Unlimited Options nesting
    • Options are managed directly in the Job Tree for quick navigation and site-specific job creation
    • The system clearly defines the options in both 3D and plan views

    Multi-Family Referencing
    This feature allows the user to model a unit once and then place it multiple times. Once the unit has been placed, it maintains a link back to its original unit, allowing the user to make changes in one model and selectively update the references to that unit.

    • Beams and Posts
    • Dimensions and Notes
    • Bundles
    • Floor Framing
    • Wall Panels

    One Click Project Printing
    This feature allows you to quickly and easily scheme output as needed. Once the scheme has been created, it will process each report one bundle at a time, saving the time required to sort through and organize paperwork.

    Estimating Dialog
    An estimate is created when a formula is applied to the geometry of one or more selected objects, resulting in the calculated total on the right side of the screen. The objects that have a formula applied to them can exist within an entire job, a level or group of levels, or selected directly in plan view during estimate creation. The screen provides access to the Formula Builder feature, and also enables report generation.

    • Create estimates by applying formulas to modeled objects
    • Ability to select objects for an estimate directly from plan view during estimate creation

    SAPPHIRE Structure Pro with Panel™
    The optional Panel feature in SAPPHIRE Structure Pro is a tool built specifically for MiTek's wall panel customers. All Panel components are integrated, so when a change is made to a roof or floor design, it’s automatically reflected in the walls. This flexible user interface along with expanded, innovative Power Tools make your wall panel design and production faster, better, and more accurate.


    SAPPHIRE Panel Stacking Screen
    Drag-and-drop stacking makes it easy to create bundles for efficient manufacturing and delivery.
    SAPPHIRE Panel Elevation
    Highly grahical elevation screen provides visual feedback and full editing capabilities.


    3-D Image for Options Management