• SAPPHIRE™ Viewer


    SAPPHIRE Viewer is a new tool for you to share with your customers to view your 3-D models and collaborate with you, provided at no cost.


    You will be able to download Viewer and selectively invite your customers to download Viewer too. Training for you and your customers will be available at that time.

    With SAPPHIRE Viewer, your customers can: 

    • Quickly review SAPPHIRE Structure models in Plan and 3-D views using zoom and pan.
    • View elevation drawings.
    • Isolate items to view in the model such as a particular level or layer.
    • Print layout sheets.
    • Print plan, 3-D, and elevation views.

    Download the SAPPHIRE Viewer 

    Download the SAPPHIRE Viewer Installation document.

    Click for enlarged view