• Software Support for the Mitek Software Suite 

     At MiTek, we take technical support seriously. We are keenly aware that the components industry depends heavily on our software as it affects so many aspects of the business. We are also aware that any technical problem can immediately affect our customers ability to perform.

    This is why MiTek has the largest Technical Support group in the industry!

    If you are a user of the MiTek Software Suite and encounter problems, there are a number of ways you can reach us.

  • How FAST can we help you!

  • Your first destination for help should be the MiTek Help System. We have invested a tremendous amount of time in this area of our software in order to make it the most comprehensive help system available. If you haven't looked at this powerful area of the MiTek Software lately, you need to check it out!

    1. One very powerful resource is our new Internet Based Training program. Click here to be taken to the IBT information page.
    2. Every DVD shipped contains a huge resource for learning about our software. Pop the DVD in the drive, when the install screen pops up, select Browse Contents. Locate the folder named DOCS. This folder contains subfolders for each program. Each folder contains one or more Training manuals. These are the same manuals used with our Internet Based Training. They contain a great deal of information, please take a few minutes to review what all is in there.
    3. We are available for phone support between the hours of 7 am and 8 pm Eastern Time, providing 8 am to 5 pm support coast to coast! Call us at 1-(888)-77MITEK or 1-888-776-4835.
    4. We also have email support for those "less pressing" issues. The email support address is Our email support is monitored by the entire MiTek Help Desk and most of the MiTek Field Representatives as well. You will be surprised at the rapid-response time you receive from our email support.
    5. Security Numbers are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day using our touch tone automated system. To access this, call 1-800-325-2556, option 1, you will need your Customer number and PIN number to access this system.
    6. Seat based licensing was introduced in version 7 and will make the licensing process seamless. Once your software is activated, as long as you have an internet connection your renewals are automatic and totally in the background. Additional seats are added and maintained by an Administrator at your location. As always we are here to help with Licensing but your Site Administrator should be your first call.

    If you are unsure of your account number or PIN number, please give us a call and we will be glad to help.

    Supporting our customers! That's what we are here for.