Toxin Reduction Act

  • The Toxics Reduction Act and Ontario Regulation 455/09 (O. Reg.
    455/09), were developed as part of the Ministry of Environment's
    (MOE) toxic reduction program. The goal of the program is to reduce
    the use and creation of prescribed toxic substances and to inform
    Ontarians about these substances within their communities.

    The act and O. Reg 455/09 apply to facilities in Ontario where
    manufacturing activities take place, and where the facility is
    required to provide information under the National Pollutant
    Release Inventory (NPRI) or Ontario Regulation 127/01, Airborne
    Contaminant Discharge Monitoring and Reporting (O. Reg.

    The following summaries outline the Toxin Reduction plan for
    substances required to be reported under the act and used in our
    manufacturing activities.

    TRA Summary Manganese

    TRA Summary Zinc