Plates Properties

  • MiTek is the World's Leading Supplier of Connector Plates

    MiTek has been manufacturing dependable, quality connector plates for more than 50 years.  Our connector plates offer the best balance between nail value and steel strength in the industry and meet or exceed your local building code requirements.    

    Quality is evident in everything we do at MiTek.  We use only the highest-grade steel for our connector plates.  The MT-20TM connector plates are manufactured from ASTM A924/A 924M, Grade 40, Structural Steel.  The MT-18HSTM plates are made from ASTM A653/A653M HSLAS and ASTM A924/A924M, grade 60 Structural Steel.  Our steel is coated with a hot-dipped galvanization, resulting in a G90 coating designation.  MiTek also offers G185 galvanized coatings and Stainless Steel Plates for added protection against corrosion.

    Our minimum steel requirements are:

    Characteristic Minimum Requirement
      Grade 40 SS Grade 60 SS
    Rockwell B Hardness  55  72
    Yield Point: 40,000 psi 60,000 psi
    Tensile Strength: 55,000 psi 70,000 psi
    Elongation: 16% in 2”. 18% in 2”

    Our quality control teams monitor every phase of the plate manufacturing process including steel thickness, galvanized coating, yield and tensile strength, hardness, and nail characteristics. 

    We manufacture connector plates for the wood truss industry in over 180 different sizes of:

       20-gauge steel (MT-20TM)
       18-gauge High Strength (MT-18HSTM)

    The MT-20TM and MT-18HSTM connector plates have 8 teeth/in2.  

    MiTek plates meet or exceed the requirements of the National and Local building codes as well as the requirements of the Truss Plate Institute of Canada. Structural properties may be found in the current evaluation report by Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC).