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  • Spaces 2x roof trusses exactly 24" oc - 1/32" accuracy without measuring tapes or layout sticks. (16"oc STABILIZER® bracing also available.)

    Provides erection bracing - No "scavenging" for lumber scraps or wasting good lumber. No cutting & lugging.

    Remains as permanent structural bracing - Don't have to "uninstall" as you would temporary wood bracing. Sheath right over the STABILIZER brace's slim-profile lip.

    STABILIZER bracing installs with just a hammer in seconds - No nails required.

    Makes bracing bowed trusses easier - Move truss into position and secure with the STABILIZER brace. No trying to hold everything together while setting a nail.

    No need to sneak trusses in under overhanging wood braces - Long wood braces extending out from already-set trusses can make setting the rest of the trusses difficult & risky.

    STABILIZER braces install as fast as the crane can set trusses - So there's typically time to do other permanent bracing as you go.

    Clips on & rides up with the truss - So STABILIZER bracing is already up there, in the right quantity, right where you need it.

    No need to guess where to install (or measure while spacing trusses) - Trusses can be marked for STABILIZER braces on the ground.

    A better looking job - A visibly more professional installation

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    * Does not replace ground, cross or diagonal bracing which is normally required, as well.