Floor Truss Stacker

  • The Floor Truss Stacker system consists of the floor stacker, truss receiving stands and electrification systems.

    The system offers the capability of stacking floor trusses onto the receiving stands one, two, or three high. The stacker lifts the trusses to an elevated position and allows them to roll down the stacker arms to a fixed stop. When the required quantity of trusses are in position, the stacker will lift the trusses onto the receiver stands. 

    The stacker saves on labor, and minimizes injuries. When it is placed outside, valuable in-plant space is saved.

    The Floor Truss Stacker's receiver stand supports and stacks one, two, or three trusses at a time.

    It has a 1200 lb. capacity and can automatically index for the next truss or stack of trusses. The cycle time is 40 seconds and the machine can stack trusses from 10' to 40' in length. The stacks can grow from 3-1/2" to 48" in width.

    The Floor Truss Stacker can come equipped with powered conveyors. These increase productivity while decreasing labor costs.