Cyber® A/T Saw

  • Fast, accurate setups, improved position resolution, faster processing, and fewer calibrations! You can have it all with the Cyber® A/T component saw. It's a computer-controlled saw with fully powered features and options. Two of the most popular options are the Inker and the Catcher Display.

    The Cyber A/T saw has position repeatability to 0.1 degree for saw blade angles, 0.005" centerline, and
    < 1/16" carriage travel. It also features a touch screen monitor and computer with 3-year limited warranties and UL Listed electrical enclosures. The saw utilizes state-of-the-art absolute encoders and a network ready 10 base-T connection.

    Your saw can be equipped with a Catcher Display. This is a two-line display screen that mounts to the back of the saw and provides detailed information about the pieces that have already been cut. Another valuable option is an Inker, which prints similar information directly onto the cut boards. A 12' incline conveyor can be mounted on either end of the saw to efficiently remove waste lumber. A skatewheel outfeed conveyor and Ready-Feed lumber conveyor are both useful material handling options.


    Catcher Display

    Material Handling


    Saw Maintenance