Servo-Omni™ Saw

  • The Servo-Omni™ saw is a 4-blade robotic component saw for cutting roof truss components. It is a dramatically enhanced version of its predecessor, the Auto-Omni, the industry's first automated component saw. The Servo-Omni saw retains all of the robotic machine-tool design mechanisms, now with servo-control technology.

    Production capacity typically replaces two to three manual component saws. Payback period is typically between 9 and 24 months, depending on your current process. And installation and training - what it takes to get producing - is a matter of hours.

    This saw can cut components from 11inches to 20 feet long. Transport and cutting head movements are smooth, deliberate, and extremely fast.


    Setup time typically averages 7 to 8 seconds per setup, one of the fastest in the industry. Real time production reporting is available at the operator console and/or in the office to manage your business the way you want to. Calibration is simple, and maintenance is minimal. What more could you ask for in a saw?

    Customize your saw with a 5th blade for cutting butt angles on scissor bottom chords, an ink-jet marking system, or a monitor to display cutting information at the back side of the saw.