Ready Feed Conveyor

  • The Ready-Feed Lumber Conveyor can help eliminate the bottlenecks that occur in material handling. If multiple handling of material is creating slow downs in your fabrication process, then the Ready-Feed Lumber Conveyor is the solution for you! The organized flow of material to the sawyer reduces handling time, thus maximizing production during the cutting stage of truss fabrication. A Ready-Feed Lumber Conveyor can increase cut-board productivity during an 8-hour shift. It is one of the most cost effective ways of solving your material handling needs.

    Decrease saw cutting time by providing a constant supply of
    lumber to the sawyer's fingertips. The system  provides a buffer between the forklift operator and the sawyer. The adjustable height allows the conveyor to be set above the height of the saw, enabling gravity to work to your advantage as lumber is fed into the saw. The standard 20' system is able to support and move lumber from 4' to 20' long.

    The auto-feed option senses when additional lumber is needed and starts or stops the conveyor as required.

    The standard length is 20', but the conveyor is also available in lengths of 10', 30', and 40'.

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