AutoPress 14TL Platen Press

  • The AutoPress 14TL is the newest addition in a long line of super-productive trackless presses from MiTek. There are no floor rails which means clear access to the jigging area, and the Walk-ThroughTM Tables allow almost any jigging configuration.

    With no lateral loads, your truss configuration stays intact. 50 tons of pressing force ensure good plate embedment while a Finish Roller cleanly completes the job.

    A 20-hp hydraulic system motor and a 10-hp drive system motor provide all of the power and speed you'll need. New safety features on every machine include a 3-beam light bar
    across the table, and bumpers on the edge of the gantry and platform to ensure safe operating during production. Also, we added standard electrical control designs which include a fully integrated safety circuit with safety modules and redundant contacts for operator safety. The electrical design is compliant with the National Electric Code 2002 and enclosures have the NEMA4 outdoor use rating. The new state-of-the-art communication sensors and display screen allow for easy maintenance of the hydraulic system. The AutoPress 14TL also easily integrates with MiTek RoofTracker™ and RoofGlider®  gantry heads.