Auto Roll Finish Press

  • The Auto Roll finish press is MiTek's latest addition to the global market. It provides second-stage pressing to achieve 100% plate embedment and can be used in conjuntion with any roller or platen press, anywhere in the world!

    The Auto Roll uses two 24-inch diameter rollers to embed the plates on both sides of the truss in one pass. It can be used for trusses of any size, with the width of the Auto Roll being the only limiting factor.

    The automatic height adjustment has got to be the most impressive feature of the Auto RollTM  finish press. When integrated with other assembly or pressing equipment, the Auto Roll can accept signals telling it when to increase or decrease the height of the space between rollers. Operators do not have to touch a thing. Would you like to press a floor truss, a 2x4 roof truss, and a 2x6 roof truss? No problem! The Auto Roll finish press provides the flexibility to meet your customers increasingly diverse needs.