JackRabbit® Joint Machine

  •  Coil-Fed Joint Assembly Machine

    The JackRabbit® coil-fed joint assembly machine is the fastest, most efficient way to produce multiple jack trusses. It works with most production materials: hardwoods, softwoods, plywood, OSB, and high-density plastics.

    There is no cutting or nailing! The production table slides in and out to allow you to accurately line up your truss components with ease. Grooved and painted guidelines reduce jigging times significantly. Plating and pressing are automatically initiated and completed.

    The JackRabbit® machine comes equipped with a touch screen for easy setup. The machine also features coil-fed plates on the press head and a gear-driven plate drive system with an automatic shear. Some of the safety features include photoelectric touch buttons, end-of-coil stop, and emergency stops.