RoofTracker Roller Press

  • The RoofTrackerTM press is the latest in a long line of super-productive trackless roller presses. New design improvements, plus the best features of the RoofGlider® and the TeeTracker® presses, combine to make this state-of-the-art roof truss machine. There are no floor rails so the trip hazard is gone. The Walk-Through Tables provide clear access to the jigging area and allow for quick setup using our Tekset® jigging hardware.

    The new RoofTracker press has a 10-hp single-speed gear motor that provides a travel speed of up to 165 ft. per minute,  
    but it can stop the press within inches in case of emergency. In addition to providing variable speed, the VFD functions as a brake-monitoring device to ensure the gantry is stopping within a safe distance.

    New safety features on every machine include a 3-beam light bar across the table and bumpers on the edge of the gantry and platform to ensure safe operation during production.


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