STT Tables

  • MiTek's STT™ tables are slotted-top tables for roof gantry presses. These tables offer more flexibility and more options than any other in the industry. The Walk-Through tables provide clear access to the Tekset™ jigging area and allow workers to easily reach the center of the assembly without climbing onto the tables.

    The lifters allow for side-eject, end-eject, auto-eject, or high-slope auto-eject systems. MatchPoint™-ready tables are also available.

    The rail that the gantry head travels on is part of the tables, eliminating the need for a track on the floor.  

    Aisle Covers and special lifters are available to create a continuous-top table system if the walk-through technology is not yet for you.

    What Makes Our Tables Different?

    All Steel Construction – 5600 lbs. (approx.)
    Four 10” lengthwise steel-channel beams, three 8” vertical steel-channel supports, and 1/4”-thick 4x4 “angle iron” internal bracing.

    3/4"-Thick Steel Top is Standard
    Absolute, no-flex rigidity – provides rock firm foundation for full-force press. Truss builders will feel the difference.

    Quad-braced, 3/4"–Thick Fitted Aisle Pads
    Recessed table lips support Pad to assure full-force press on plates located over walk-through aisles. Half-sectioned for easy handling (42 lbs.).

    1"-Thick Ejector-Channel Slider Pads
    Recessed table lips assure full-force press on plates located over ejector channels. No lifting – slide back & forth.

    Four, 3" x 6" Adjustable-Height Legs,
    1/4" thick steel, height adjustable 4-1/4”: from 31-1/4” to 35-1/2”

    Six Full-Table-Width Jigging Slots
    Tight 8-3/4”-on-center spacing allows placement of pucks and fixtures just where they’re needed.

    Tekset Jigging Compatible
    Slip in slots to position and hold just about any type of joint, any truss configuration. Simply the most flexible, easiest-to-use pucks & jigging fixtures available.

    Center-Mounted Lifter with Ejector.
    The air actuated ejector lifts the pressed truss above jigging pucks and fixtures, then moves the truss off the table. Select Side-Eject, Auto-Eject or End-Eject option.

    Simple Installation
    3/8" Steel plate anchors full-face to floor along table length, table legs anchor to steel plate. Exceptionally secure
    anchoring with minimal installation. No extra charge for installation supervision and technical assistance.


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