TrussView Software

  • TrussView® by Virtek® is a full-sevice truss building software. All of the information you need to manage and assemble a truss quickly and accurately is visible to assemblers on the shop floor or anybody with a network computer.

    Make your new employees instantly productive and help your managers and leads stay on top of production with this easy-to-use addition to your plant. It will reduce build times and the need to refer to paperwork, improve material handling flow, and track your production in real time.

    See our Specifications Sheet for a better understanding of how it works, but the features you can only find in TrussView are listed below.


    Real-time display of production rate
    Remote login to see same view as display
    Display of actual tables with pop-ups/aisles in background
    Display of multiple trusses if more than one in the jig
    Display of truss in same orientation as the jig
    Display of appropriate portion of each truss when trusses span multiple jig stations

    This software works with or without lasers, but you'll get the best production speeds when using lasers to project the life-size truss image and truss data for your assemblers to see at all times.



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