Component Processing Center

  • This automated machine enables wall panel manufacturers to efficiently assemble, nail, and stack sub-component assemblies. The Component Processing Center or CPC-16 is designed to produce common sub-components ranging from simple 2x4 stud trimmers through 24 inch-on-center ladders. The CPC-16 is basically comprised of three areas or functions. These areas include: assembly area, nailing station, and automatic stacker. The Component Processing Center will build most types of components from as simple as nailing 2 studs together to as complicated as a 2x6 ladder assembly 10 ft. long and 25-1/2 inch wide. The CPC-16 comes pre-programmed with 75 different component styles. The pre-programmed component types include L-Corners, stud-block-stud corners, stud-block-stud partition lead-ins, and ladders. You have full access to change or modify pre-programmed components and also to add new user-programmed components.

    One operator utilizing the CPC-16 will produce double the finished product compared to any Brand X machine.

    The CPC-16 produces a very high quality finished product. Consistent finished product quality means high customer satisfaction with your wall panels on the jobsite. The CPC-16 enables consistent performance regardless of component types. When all components run consistently, production scheduling is much more accurate. Accurate production scheduling means lower overtime costs and lower labor costs in general. The CPC-16 eliminates all lifting of heavy finished components. Eliminating this repetitive motion will help lower workman's comp claims and allow operators to better focus on production.


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