2-Axis Sheathing Saw

  • For Sheathing Exterior Wall Components
    The MiTek Wall Panel Division has taken a different path to addressing the issue of sheathing exterior wall components. The most commonly used method in the industry is the use of routering techniques. We believe an automated two-axis saw offers a number of very significant design and production advantages.

    Cutting and optimizing material usage becomes a ONE MAN job.
    X and Y dimensions are manually input into the saw and the raw sheet material advances are input into the machine for precise cutting. When this cutting operation is integrated into a system of conveyors, the cut sheathing can be directed in sequence to the assembly line for optimum productivity. All of this can be accomplished by one person.

    Sheathing is applied from pre-cut shapes and tacked to the particular wall section "on the fly".
    Using pre-cut sheathing offers significant increases in production throughput because the line doesn't have to stop to position a router to create openings.

    Reduces waste and dust at your line, which improves working conditions for your personnel.
    Dust is easily vacuumed away and small scraps are not collected under your line. By avoiding crude, blind, plunge cuts, common to router methods to create openings, your waste will be significantly reduced. Savings from material optimization can mean significantly more money to your bottom line.

    Improve the quality of your product.
    Unlike the routering methods, management can now have a method to cross-check quality. Pre-cut sheathing will ensure that walls are properly constructed and no more routered openings in the wrong location.

    Integrates with production software to improve planning and communication.
    The whole operation can gain additional efficiency if detailed information can be provided directly to the saw from the design software. In these instances, software creates a cut list, maintains the appropriate manufacturing sequence, and optimizes residual for optimum material utilization. Save on paper and improves your workflow.


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