LTG Laser Projection

  • The LTG Laser Projection system by Virtek makes wall panel and floor decking manufacturing easy, efficient, accurate, and quick. The system projects a laser template of the wall panel or floor decking assembly onto the work surface, highlighting the position and shape of all important features. It eliminates the need for measuring and squaring. It's so easy to use, new employees will be productive the first day on the job!

    The LTG system reduces setup and changeover time by up to 70% and significantly improves productivity. Flexible production capabilities make it easy to produce different types of wall panels and floor decking, and because of the accuracy of the lasers, the quality of your end product will improve.

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    Your LTG system can now be equipped with a green laser instead of the standard red laser. The green laser is five times more visible than the red at the same power level, and is recommended for areas with high light levels. The laser can be field-replaced in fewer than 10 minutes, and is highly affordable.



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