Power Framer

  • This framing station is unique in that your crew stays put while the material is moved past stationary nail guns. By moving the material down the line, production is boosted dramatically over traditional methods of wall assembly.  This automatic machine has more than enough capacity to drive the most demanding interior and exterior lines.

    MiTek Wall Panel Division engineered the Power Framer to fully utilize well-established method of production line manufacturing.

    The main criteria for this machine's design include product consistently down the line,  defined work stations where personnel can perform routine operations made easier by a system of stud locators and fixturing mechanisms and perfect
    nailing operations with stationary, automatic, high-volume nailing components.

    The success of this production component benefits by well- organized, just-in-time inventory of subassemblies (very similar, for example, to the requirement of having windshields available at the line when assembling automobiles).  With the introduction of the Power Framer, real increases in production throughput at the start of a wall production line are possible without sacrificing the health of personnel or product quality in the bargain.


    Wall Panel Equipment Brochure