• The MiTek 2020 "Perfect Vision"® Software Suite allows you to take a job through the entire design process, from walls to engineered trusses. In addition, we offer software that handles your cutting, jigging, and business issues, all integrated for a total software solution.


    MiTek® 2020 CyberSort

    The CyberSort program automates your cutting with flexibility and complete customization. Set up "sorts" that contain the elements you want the program to consider first, and receive cutting lists that reflect the way you work in the shop.


    Notable Strengths

    • Native Windows application since 1994
    • “Real-time” sorting for ease of setup
    • Uses multiple sort files for total saw flexibility
    • Uses multiple “schemes” to perfectly match your cutting requirements
    • Flexible “board flipping” for permanent control over each member type
    • Transparent pre-processor functionality for accurate scheduling based on reality
    • Drives most computerized saws
    • Prints full material requisitions
    • Prints full plate requisitions
    • Supports eFrame panel
    • Supports build a batch