• The MiTek 2020 "Perfect Vision" ®  Software Suite allows you to take a job through the entire design process, from walls to engineered trusses. In addition, we offer software that handles your cutting, jigging, and business issues, all integrated for a total software solution.


    MiTek 2020 "Perfect Vision"   Jigset

     MiTek® 2020 Jigset extends the convenience and flexibility of CyberSort onto your production tables. Within Jigset, you can set up tables identical to the ones on your shop floor, and set them up for jigging virtually before the members are ready for cutting! In addition, Jigset offers a Stacking Bed feature, which allows you to set up truck beds, or other locations where trusses will be stacked.


    Notable Strengths

    • Native Windows application since 1995
    • Drag-n-Drop, no keyboard entry for use in the factory
    • Emulates any/every manufacturing table with accuracy to 1/16”
    • Supports pucks and clicks
    • Easy to flip or rotate
    • Easy to stack trusses for efficient setups
    • Doubles as a truck loading program