Job Summary

  • The MiTek 2020 "Perfect Vision® Software Suite allows you to take a job through the entire design process, from walls to engineered trusses. In addition, we offer software that handles your cutting, jigging, and business issues, all integrated for a total software solution.


    MiTek 2020 "Perfect Vision"   Job Summary

    The Job Summary program makes pricing and quoting jobs fast and easy, with its Quotation Editor.

    Create a Material Summary with one click, and print reports quickly and efficiently

    Job Summary

    Notable Strengths

    • Native Windows application since 1994
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple labor costing methods
      •  Direct from MiTek 2020 engineering
      •  Equivalent foot method
      •  Matrix, (benchmark method)
      •  Multiple of material 
    • Instant feedback on margins, overhead and profit.
    • Change any field and update the price
    • Flexible pricing options 
    • Full customer database
    • High quality reports
    • Easy to use truss batching screen