Open Web Floor Truss System

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MiTek Canada, Inc.'s Posi-Strut open web floor trusses minimize the environmental footprint by incorporating renewable as well as recycled materials to fight climate change by reducing greenhouse gases. Available in 9-1/4”, 11-1/4”, 11-7/8”, 12-3/4”, 14” & 16” depths to match most conventional or engineered lumber products.

Posi-Strut overview

Lightweight to facilitate and speed-up onsite installation

The Posi-Strut open web floor system is lightweight so it’s easy to handle and install. Mainly produced with 2x3 or 2x4 chords, in combination with our Posi-Strut webs, it result of one of the most lightest engineered wood products in the industry.

Wide Nailing

Product that you can count on

Posi-Strut wide nailing surface speeds up installation of the structural elements and floor sheathing. The wide flange width (2.5” or 3.5”) assure a large surface to apply the subfloor adhesive and contribute to a better sub-floor sheathing support.

longer spans

Longer clear spans provide design flexibility

Posi-Strut open web floor system offers the ultimate in design flexibility! With longer clear spans than conventional lumber, architects and engineers can now enjoy clear span flexibility and building design freedom. Posi-Strut ingenious design allow shallower depth floors which contributes to the overall building savings

top chord

Top chord end condition Endless Posi-bilities

Probably one of the most appreciated feature of the Posi-Strut open web floor system is the ability to hide beam in the floor by using a top chord bearing condition. No joist hanger are necessary and substantial material and labor saving can be achieve.

Open Web Design

Open web design makes installation of mechanical services easy

Its open web design eliminates the need for cutting and drilling; so plumbing, electrical and ventilation services are installed quickly, saving time and money. Main ventilation distribution duck work can also be easily dissimulated in the floor thickness. This feature eliminate the concern of modifying structural elements and/or eliminate the time and material of costly repair details

Precisely Engineered
Precision engineering and consistent quality for reliable performance

Available in 9-1/4”, 11-1/4”, 11-7/8”, 12-3/4”, 14” & 16” depths to match most conventional or engineered lumber products. Posi-Strut is design and manufactured to precise engineering specifications. Since it is custom build for your project, there is no need to cut the structural elements on site. Different ingenious assembly details minimize the usage of other costly material. Posi-Strut floor is design and produced to your specific needs and delivers reliable performance.


Strongback bridging system dampens floor vibrations

Posi-Strut open concept allow the installation of strongback bridging, which actively contribute to reduce floor vibration. The addition of this important structural component allow the individual joist to work together as a “floor system”. The quantity, size, location and nailing details will be indicated on the provided shop drawings and layout.

Intertek Fire-rated assemblies available
Posi-Strut has different Fire-rated assemblies to suite your project needs and building codes compliance. Intertek Listed fire-rated assemblies meet CAN/ULC-S101 and ASTM-E119 standards (1 hour / single-layer drywall). Posi-Strut is the only engineered wood product that list a 90 minutes fire-rating with a single layer of gypsum. If you need a 45 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes fire protection, we have a list of certified assemblies that will meet/exceed your project needs and/or building code requirements
Intertek Sound transmission certified assemblies available

Posi-Strut has also different certified assemblies for different sound transmission requirements. Please refer to the available Intertek certified assemblies for details or contact us and we will gladly help you. Posi-Strut have all the necessary code approval to suite your needs.

Trimmable end, when particular situation absolutely requires it

Trimmable POSI-STRUT system offers the ultimate in design flexibility! Using the same engineering support, that has become the standard in the structural component industry, our onsite trimmable detail eliminates headaches due to bearing location discrepancies or design changes. It also assures that every floor system fits perfectly. So since Posi-Strut allow precise customer design and trimmable conditions, you know that you can count on a highly polyvalent and performant floor system.