Overview Floor Gantry

  • Soft start module cushions the drive system to extend component life
  • 16 bogie wheels equipped with roller bearings for long life
  • The machine is free standing and does not require installation
  • 15" stroke air jigs adjust quickly from 11 1/2" to 26"
  • Built-in side ejectors in Jig #1 make truss removal effortless
  • Automatic adjusting rollers are located between the two jigs for speedy transfer
  • Built-in end ejectors in Jig #2 allow easy removal of the finished truss
  • Recessed track allows team to work close to the table


Floor Truss Depth11 1/2" to 26"
Maximum Truss Length36' long
Table Dimensions7'2" X 40'
Table Top3/4" steel plate
Roller Diameter24" dia.
Wall Thickness1" nominal
Main Roller Shafts4" dia. chrome moly
Main Bearings3 7/16" ball bearings
Bogie Wheels (16)1 1/2" dia. roller bearings
Truss Ejectors (Jig #1)8 built-in side ejectors
Truss Ejectors (Jig #2)8 built-in end ejectors
Drive Motor7 1/2 HP
  • Fully machined and balanced roller provides smooth, quite operation
  • Direct drive system reduces maintenance by eliminating chain & sprockets
  • Sturdy 3/4" steel top tables easily seat connector plates
  • 28 table legs provide a rigid pressing surface
  • Rugged 24" diameter roller resists deflection
  • Fast travel time to maximize production
  • Double floor truss jigs for high efficiency
Voltage 230/460/575v 3 phase
  • Powered by a heavy-duty 7 1/2 HP motor
  • Safety bars & disk brakes assist stopping for added safety


  • The table is expandable in increments of 20'
  • Finished truss can be removed with gantry head located at either end of table
  • Built-in camber for quick set-ups