COMPLETE Machinery Solutions

Automating at Your Own Pace

Automation can be an expensive investment; but, it doesn't have to be. There are many different ways to make small changes that can increase production, reduce man-hours, and improve communication throughout your plant.

For instance...

  • You can add Virtek projection lasers or Trussview software to your existing table line to speed production, decrease errors, and improve communication. View our Truss Assembly and Wall Panel products.
  • If you don't want to replace your truss assembly table line with newly designed MatchPoint tables, you can retrofit your existing tables to include Wizard PDS®.
  • You can add MatchPoint tables, with or without Wizard® installed, to lengthen your existing line and gain an additional setup.
  • You can add a new BLADE™ linear saw to speed the cutting process and reduce lumber waste.
  • The MatchPoint DirectDrive™ system complements the MatchPoint BLADE™ wood processing system and MiTek's Wizard PDS® Auto Jigging system.

Performing regular scheduled preventative maintenance is important in reducing unscheduled downtime.

Dennis Schieffer

MiTek Machinery Customer Service Manager

A Complete Roof Truss Solution

When you purchase MiTek machinery, you get heavy-duty reliability and serious support. You also get the most choices to ensure you have the equipment that's right for you and your plant. The depth of our product choices means, although they're all great machines, you may not need all of them. Depending on the combination you already have, some solutions fit better than others. But if you're looking for the most current, most efficient, and complete combination of equipment for a "feet-on-the-ground roof truss plant, here is everything you need!"

Review your own system to determine what you're missing that will put you ahead of the competition, or use this as a guide when starting up a new plant.

  • Ranger RS
    To truly automate the biggest bottleneck in most plants, use this lumber retrieval system.
  • MatchPoint BLADE ™ or Cyber A/T®  saw
    One of these saws is an absolute must and their optional printers are too. 
  • MatchPoint DirectDrive
    Add this conveyor system to quickly take cut lumber to the tables.
  • Wizard PDS
    Get those trusses on and off the tables quickly with automated jigging.
  • Stand-Alone Conveyor
    Powered exit conveyor to transports trusses from Press to Finish Roller
  • Finish Roller
    Double pinch-roller force finishes embedding plate teeth to their full set point
  • Horizontal Stacker or Peak-Up Stacker
    Choose the stacker that best fits your space requirements.
  • Jack Table ™ or Auto 8/10
    Add a smaller platen press for jack trusses, repairs, and the perfect solution to bottlenecks.

Find out EXACTLY
  • What the right system would consist of.
  • What it would cost.
  • How it would impact your bottom line.