Auto Stacker Peak Up

  • Automatic stacker eliminates truss handling labor
  • Uniform lifting & stacking reduce truss damage and costly repairs
  • Multiple head truss stacker system allows up to 4 different truss stacks
  • Stackers available to stack trusses from 20' to 100' long
  • Pillow block bearings and taper lock sprockets are standard equipment


 60 Ft. Stacker
80 Ft. Stacker
 Truss Length (Maximum)60 ft.80 ft.
 Truss Conveyor (Standard)14 ft. X 70 ft.14 ft. X 90 ft.
 Power Lifting Assembly40 ft. long60 ft. long
 Truss Lifting Arms4 arms6 arms
 Truss Racks4 racks6 racks
 Conveyor Speed (Standard)120 fpm120 fpm
 Stacking Cycle (Standard)30 sec30 sec
 Power: Conveyor1 HP1 HP
 Power: Hyd Lifting2 HP2 HP
  • Heavy duty stacking head indexes automatically  & holds 40 trusses
  • Conveyor rollers are 48" on center to provide smooth operation
  • All conveyor rollers are powered to eliminate truss stoppage
  • Powerful hydraulic power unit provides smooth lifting operation with 30 second cycle time