Stack trusses horizontally (flat), reducing truss handling and minimizing the possibility of damage.

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Stack trusses horizontally (flat), reducing truss handling and minimizing the possibility of damage.

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Reduce Truss Handling

  • Stacks trusses horizontally.
  • Reduces truss handling and minimize the possibility of damage.
  • Reduces the risk of injury commonly found in manual stacking procedures.
  • Choose between the 2-transporter, 2-transporter tandem, or 4-transporter systems.

Horizontal Stacker Overview Video

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The Horizontal Stacker stacks trusses horizontally (flat), just like they will be shipped. This reduces truss handling which naturally results in less damage to trusses and fewer injuries to material handlers. Combine that with the Horizontal Stacker's heavy-duty construction and compatibility with existing conveyor systems, and it is an ideal choice for post-fabrication handling. Reliable hydraulic operation with a built-in heater makes this different from other stackers! And a remote radio transmitter allows the operator to carry the control station throughout the plant and lumber yard for more flexibility and the ultimate in efficiency.

Physical Data
Transporter(s) and HPU
Stacking Zones
2 transporters = 2 stacking zones (1 on ea. side of conveyor),
4 transporters = 4 stacking zones (2 on ea. side of conveyor)
10 hp per transporter
Motion Powered By
Hydraulic power
Hydraulic Reservoir
40 gallons
Performance Data
Auto and Manual
Speed of Travel
35-second cycle for multi-setup tables
Weight Capacity
400 lb per transporter
Truss Length
2-zone = 2 stacks, 18' to 40'
4-zone = 4 stacks, 18' to 40' OR 2 stacks, 18' to 80'
Truss Height
Up to 16'
Transporter surface, from ground
28" to 74"
Pushbutton station, touch screen, and remote radio transmitter
Electrical Data
Electrical Specs
208/230/460 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase
Safety Data
Safety Compliance
UL (panels), OSHA
Indicators of Movement
Horn and beacon light
Bilingual or ISO
  • Choose your configuration: 2- zone or 4-zone
  • Powered Stand-Alone Conveyors
  • Interlocks to integrate with conveyor and finishing press

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