Ozco Ornamental Wood Ties

Ozco Ornamental Wood Ties

The Deck Hardware That Wants To Be Seen!

  • OZCO is the industry leading manufacturer in the Ornamental Hardware category: 9+ patents to prove it.
  • Most products are sold in kits to ensure everything needed for installation is included.
  • Patented Timber Bolts tighten from the inside out and adjust over 2” for a perfect fit. This provides a beautiful look and eliminates the need to trim unsightly and potentially dangerous bolt ends.
  • Timber Screws provide excellent performance and can be installed with the Hex Cap Nut or Hammered Dome Cap Nut for the desired decorative style.


  • Ironwood

    Traditional design with chamfered corners

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  • Laredo Sunset

    Ornate design with rounded and coved details

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