RedJack 3.0 Adjustable Support Columns are designed and tested to meet or exceed the CAN/CGSB-7.2-94 Adjustable Steel Columns standard.

Series:  T2JPHD84, T2JPHD88, T2JPHD90, T2JPHD96, T2JPHD102, T2JPHD108, T2JPHD114, T2JPHD120, T2JPHD144

  • Top plate (4-1/2" x 6") - 3 gauge
  • Bottom plate (4-1/2" x 6") - 3 gauge
  • RedJack 3.0 Tube (3" x 3") - 8 gauge
  • Top and bottom plate- Grey Primer Paint
  • RedJack 3.0 Tube - Power Coated Red Paint
  • Turn threaded collar to extend the column to the desired height.
  • Secure the top plate to wood beam with four (4) 1/4" x 2" lag screws.
  • Ensure column is installed in a vertical and plumb position.
  • Column base shall be aligned and secured to a proper supporting slab.
  • Top plate shall cover the full width of the supported beam. Beam shall be centered on the top plate and continuous across the entire length of the plate.
  • Square tube may be cut down, ensure cut is smooth, square and level.

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