LumberLok Structural Wood Screws


Reference Series: SD
The LumberLok Structural Connector Screw is a self-drilling screw that can be used with a number of MiTek Structural Connectors and also for wood-to-wood applications. The screws feature a T20 Torx® head with integral washer and gimlet point for ease of installation. The twin-lead threads drive in twice as fast as the single lead threads significantly reducing installation time. The MiTek head stamp identifies the screw length for easy inspection.

Screw shear capacities are based on a diameter of 0.162" when the shear plane is on the screw shank (SH) and 0.109" when the shear plane is on the threads (T). MiTek LumberLok Structural Connector Screws have a bending yield strength of 180,000 psi.

Materials: Low carbon hardened steel

Finish: Gold Coat

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  • Screws are self-drilling.
  • Install using a low speed clutch drill with T20 Torx® bit (not included). The washer head should be flat to the surface. Do not over-tighten the screws.
  • Installing the screw at an angle may introduce additional bending and tension forces into the fastener if the screw head is not flat to the bearing surface. Care should be given to ensure the fastener is installed perpendicular to the plane of the fastener hole.
  • Impact drills are not recommended for use with LumberLok Screws.

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Code Report Table

FL17231 RR 25850
FL17231 RR 25850