MiTek MXF Plugins


MiTek MFX Plugins

Download the MXF plugins below. The MiTek exchange file (.mxf) format is designed by MiTek Industries specifically for the residential construction industry. The plug-in enables users of AutoCAD® Architecture, Autodesk® Revit® Architecture and Autodesk® Revit® Structure to export an mxf formatted file to the MiTek component manufacturer.

MiTek MFX plugins

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3D Residential Models

By allowing you to view the structural framing details in 3D residential models created by the MiTek component manufacturer, you will be able to view sections and framing details with more precision and clarity than ever before.

  • The manufacturer's truss and wall panel designers can import files into MiTek's SAPPHIRE® Structure software. 
  • With the preserved true dimensional fidelity, the designers can then complete the 3D structural building model and production drawings for the pre-fabricated structural components of the home.
  • The component manufacturer can then return a file with the 3D model for your review and approval, using the SAPPHIRE Viewer, designed to enhance the review and approval process in home design and estimating.