Built exclusively for component manufacturers. Built for power. 

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Structural modeling, editing, and estimating functionality

Built exclusively for component manufacturers, SAPPHIRE Structure delivers the most powerful structural modeling, editing, and estimating functionality available anywhere.

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Compatible with Viewer

Talks to SAPPHIRE™ Viewer for powerful collaboration. 

Information Driven

Information driven material estimates, designs and data. 


One-Click Printing

Quick and easy scheme output as needed.

Rich Model detects interferences

Allows for design of HVAC and plumbing spaces


Think autocad. But with more power.

  • Formula Builder

    Formula builder feature enables designers to create or store customized formulas, group formulas into sets, scheme and apply to jobs or individual objects. Create estimates by applying formulas to modeled objects.

  • Options Management

    Create and customize plan options directly from within a job file. You can include all member types in your options, from accessories to walls, and utilize option customization, such as special junction considerations for site-specific creation.

  • Multi-Family Referencing
    Users can model a unit once and place it multiple times. Placed units maintain a link back to original units, so you can make changes in one model and selectively update the references to units.
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SAPPHIRE Structure

Structural modeling, editing, and estimating functionality

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95% of surveyed component manufacturers who have used SAPPHIRE Structure for 5 years or longer agree that it allows for better accuracy for take-offs.

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Feb, 2017