Roof Assembly Resources

How to order

MiTek has created Parts Guides for our most well-known machinery so you can easily find the part you need to order.

Find the Parts Guide above and download or view the file. 

  1. Click the name of the equipment to open the correct Parts Guide.
  2. Browse through the pictured parts to find the part you need and its part number.
  3. Order the part by sending an email Machinery Services.

For the PowerPoint files:

  • The PowerPoint file may be a zipped slideshow, or it may open as an editable file. If it opens as an editable file, click the PowerPoint Slide Icon at the bottom of the screen to enter slideshow mode so the internal links will work.
  • If the PowerPoint files won't open, download a free PowerPoint viewer at
Order parts from Machinery Services:

Please send an email to :

Gather this info before contacting us:

1.Purchase Order Number 4.Company name, your name and phone number 
2.Part Number (by using the Parts Guides)5.Physical address for delivery (no PO box) 
3.Quantity 6.Contact name at delivery address 


RoofTracker III - Roller Press

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MiTek AutoPress 14 TL

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MiTek Truss Assembly Finish Roller

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MiTek Jack Table Platen Press

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MiTek JackRabbit Coil Fed Assembly

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