Ranger RS™ system

With a custom Ranger RS™ system feeding your saws, you decrease costs and improve efficiency, all from the moment a board enters your truss plant.

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  • Makes the BLADE™ wood processing system fully automated on the infeed side.
  • Moves lumber to the saw consistently and quickly.
  • Stores lumber of varying dimensions in a compact space.
  • Reduces picking errors and costly mistakes.

Ranger RS™ Overview

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Ranger RS system

Increasing productivity is as easy as installing a Ranger RS™ system.

The highly efficient MatchPoint® BLADE™ wood processing system demands an infeed system that keeps pace with its speed. The Ranger RS lumber retrieval system not only has the speed, but also the flexibility to integrate seamlessly into your workflow. It is configured according to your own footprint and lumber usage requirements. Together, the BLADE and Ranger RS complement each other to achieve a drastic improvement in productivity with less manpower.


How it works...

The Ranger RS lumber retrieval system seeks and retrieves the exact boards needed to cut. 

The core of the Ranger RS system is a trolley with an automated picking head. The trolley moves back and forth on a runway truss positioned over lumber carts while the picking head's laser scans below. After locating the specific piece of lumber needed, the picking head uses a powerful vacuum to hold the board while moving it to the infeed deck.

The system is fast and efficient, constantly supplying the BLADE queue with lumber. The result: your BLADE wood processing system never goes hungry waiting for a new board.



Physical Data
System Length
20' to 100' (in 10' increments)
Board Storage: Standard Cart
Standard Cart: up to 308 (2x4) boards
Board Storage: Magazine Cart
Magazine Cart: up to 168 (2x4) boards, configurable to other board dimensions
Performance Data
500 FPM without lumber 350 FPM with lumber
Lumber Size
2x3" to 2x12"
Minimum Lumber Length
Maximum Lumber Lengths
Max. of 16' or 20' (depending on configuration)
Electrical Data
Electrical Specs
230 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase (other voltages require transformer)
Safety Data
Physical safety fence with light curtains, obstructions sensors
UL (panels), OSHA
  • Runway truss length can be customized.
  • Select left- or right-side of runway truss to load from.
  • Select front or rear of saw to load onto Infeed Rail.

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